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Planting Events in LOS ANGELES

If you think corporate events and high school reunions are boring, you haven’t been to one of our planting parties in Los Angeles! Fun and interactive, planting parties are more than just a simple celebration. Guests get to enjoy a pleasant experience surrounded by plants while socializing with their friends and coworkers.

Nowadays, people residing in big cities yearn to spend their leisure time with their loved ones, preferably amidst nature and in the open air. This desire is shared worldwide, and it has sparked the creation of alternatives, from products to ecological retreats.

Since it’s not always possible to abandon the routine and head towards the countryside or the beach, we at The Juicy Leaf have created an experience to bring the good vibes of the green world to you. By choosing to have a planting party at your event, you will provide a relaxed and unique moment for your guests. We will show you how this is the best option to make your celebration more charming and enjoyable.

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What is a Planting Party?

A planting party is a fun and interactive event where attendees get the chance to create their own personalized plant arrangement using succulents, bonsais, terrariums, and other greenery under the guidance of experts.

If you know The Juicy Leaf, you know that we are passionate about succulents, terrariums, and plant arrangements. And if there’s one thing that makes our founder Felix Navarro and our team happy, it’s being able to share that love through DIY plant activities and custom projects. But how to make the experience of creating succulent arrangements and terrariums collective and fun?

It was with this in mind that the workshops – online and in person – and the planting parties in Los Angeles were created. During the period in which we were isolated in our homes because of the pandemic, we were able to share this knowledge on social platforms throughout our lives. The success of this endeavor transcended the virtual world and became a way for people to benefit from the contact with nature through the care of plants.

We can now prepare and offer personalized parties and gatherings with succulent arrangements and terrariums that go beyond decoration. We bring you and your guests the possibility to interact while learning how to prepare an arrangement of succulents or tropical plants. We provide all the necessary structure for people to enjoy the experience in an organic way, without having to move away from the focus of the meeting.

A Planting Party to call Your Own

Organizing a company-wide corporate seminar or hosting your friend’s baby shower requires planning and creativity – especially if you live in LA. With so many options available in the market, planting parties in Los Angeles are a trendy alternative that bring a green tone to the meetings. And the best part: they delight all audiences, from the modern to the traditional.

Although it may seem intimate, this type of proposal suits a variety of events. This is because the planting party is elaborated according to the theme, objective, location, and size of the meeting. We create the program together with the client, and can cater from 6 to 400 people. Yes, that’s right: we can prepare the kits so that hundreds of people can have fun making their own terrariums and succulent arrangements.

In addition, we have some suggested planting activities already designed by our team – such as Martini Madness and Wine and Cheese. We can tailor them to fit what you have planned for your gathering. And if you reside in LA, you can hold your planting party at the best plant store in Los Angeles. Our charming boutique accommodates groups from 6 to 20 people.

Another possibility for those who want to add a more relaxed touch to an online activity is to hold a remote planting party. Whether it is a webinar or a birthday party celebrated via camera, each guest receives their home kit to assemble a beautiful arrangement of succulents while participating in the video call. Everyone has fun and gets a potted plant to decorate the house!

Celebrate with your hands on the SOIL

gardener planting a succulent

Interacting with office colleagues, sharing a unique evening for friends, making the wedding party more fun, providing a relaxed moment at the corporate conference. Planting parties seed a new way of interacting and celebrating, with joy and hands on experience.

They are the best alternative for those who want to make the event more interactive, charming, and with an ecological footprint. After all, playing with leaves, flowers, and earth is super delicious!

Our planting parties in Los Angeles can be replicated in other locations. To learn more about this and other services, please contact The Juicy Leaf team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No prior gardening experience is required! Our experienced staff will provide step-by-step guidance, making it enjoyable and accessible for beginners and plant enthusiasts alike.

How long does a planting party usually last?
The duration of the planting party typically depends on the chosen package and the number of attendees. On average, they last between 1.5 to 2 hours, giving ample time for creativity and enjoyment.

Absolutely! Our planting parties are perfect for a wide range of occasions, including birthdays, corporate team-building events, networking gatherings, bridal showers, and more.

We offer a diverse selection of plants, including succulents, bonsais, cacti, and air plants. Additionally, there’s an array of containers such as decorative pots, terrariums, and wooden boxes to choose from.

We can accommodate various group sizes, from small gatherings to larger events. Reach out to us with your requirements, and we’ll customize a package to suit your needs.

To ensure the best experience for all participants, we provide a curated selection of plants and containers. However, you’re welcome to inquire about any specific preferences you may have.

While our planting parties focus on the greenery experience, we can arrange for snacks and beverages as an optional add-on. Just let us know your preferences during the booking process.

To book a planting party, simply reach out to us through our website or contact our store directly. Our friendly team will guide you through the process and help you choose the best package for your event.

Definitely! The best part of the planting party is that you get to take your creation home as a lovely keepsake from the event. It will serve as a reminder of the enjoyable time you had at our store.

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Find beautiful succulents and arrangements available for delivery and pick up.

The Juicy Leaf provides In Person Private Planting Parties for all occasions including birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers, corporate team building, and more.  Contact us today to plan a planting party where each of your guests can create their own Juicy Leaf succulent arrangement or Terrariums to commemorate your special event. Bring your own food or beverages to make your event more personalized.

In Site Private Planting Parties after store hours can be arranged.  We can accommodate groups of 6 persons up to 20.

Prefer to have your party off site?  Ask us how we can bring a mobile Juicy Leaf planting party to your home or office!

Another option is the Virtual Planting Party! When Covid happened, we came up with the idea of making the workshops contact free and virtual, and it was an instant hit. We’ve catered to all types of business, such as Apple, Dell, Google, Snapchat and so it goes. We also provide the virtual workshop for families and friends (starting with at least 6 people). There’s a vast selection of kits. Each kit is $65 dollars. Delivery/shipping fee will be added after we have all the addresses (usually costs from $15 to $30 dollars depending on the location shipped). We can Ship to anywhere in the USA except Hawaii due to agricultural regulations.

Contact us today for an estimate or fill out the form below to have someone contact you regarding your special event during normal business hours.

Planting Party Ideas:

  • Wedding Party – have your wedding party assist you with making your wedding table centerpieces or table gifts that will have everyone talking.
  • Wine and Cheese – Pair wine and cheese with artistic plant making and create an unforgettable social event.
  • Martini Madness – Plants are fun especially with a martini!  Make a Juicy Leaf arrangement with your friends while sharing a juicy martini.
  • Corporate Team Building – Make succulent arrangements as a team for your work colleagues and improve communication and teamwork skills. Group of 10 up to 400.