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Plant Rentals in L.A.

In Los Angeles, it is challenging to come across someone who is unfamiliar with the concept of renting, and it is even more challenging to find an individual who has never utilized rental services in their life. However, there is a unique type of product that not everyone may have heard of, and that is the option to rent decorative plants, such as succulents, for events or production settings. Renting plants allows for a touch of greenery to enhance the aesthetic without the responsibility of maintenance afterward. At The Juicy Leaf, the most charming plant boutique in California, we specialize in plant rentals in Los Angeles and we want to share with you more about it.

What is a Plant Rental?

Just as it happens with other products and services such as clothes, real estate, furniture, tableware, and other possibilities, the main purpose of renting plants is based on the ability to enjoy the beauty and health benefits of being in a place decorated with them, but for specific periods of time and without having to resort to artificial items.

Plant rentals for events are becoming increasingly popular as more people recognize the benefits of incorporating greenery into event decor. In addition to adding beauty and aesthetic appeal, plant rentals contribute to sustainable event planning by reducing waste and carbon footprint.

Especially in events with a large number of people and located in urban areas, plant rental can be a good way to enhance the decoration and have a more welcoming environment – and, in addition, to be able to breathe cleaner air and have greater contact with elements of nature.

This doesn’t mean that renting plants and plant-related services can’t be an option for smaller celebrations – especially when it comes to cost-effectiveness, maintenance of the items used, and creative use of space.

A bride who wishes to have arrangements with her favorite plants in her wedding party, the inauguration or year-end party of a company, a birthday, the celebration of an engagement, a corporate event or even a photoshoot. The plant rental works for several situations and can be customized according to the characteristics, tastes, needs, and purchasing power of each client, location, and event.

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Benefits of Plant Rentals

Renting plants is a great way to include greenery to your event, in addition to the flexible and customizable characteristic of this type of decoration, without long-term commitments. Plants add natural beauty and aesthetics to any event.

Time and money savings also enter the list of benefits of renting plants and similar decorations. Plants are a cost-effective alternative to ore expensive decorative items.

Our plant rental services include the guidance from our specialized team. Thanks to our expertise with succulent arrangements, tropical plants, and terrariums, we are able to help you choose the plants and other elements to be used. In addition, we elaborate a bold and modern design, and we take responsibility for installation, and disassembly.

The plants themselves can also benefit from this kind of practice. Their longevity is increased by regular care and replacement after a certain period of time. Thus, factors such as lack of natural light and excessive air conditioning do not end up killing them.

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Plants create a relaxing and calming environment for the event attendees, and can be used to create visual interest and highlight specific areas at the event. 

Among the services provided by The Juicy Leaf, plant rentals have become increasingly popular, especially for corporate events and special celebrations, such as weddings and engagements. This modality is perfect for those who want to create more beautiful and airy environments with a touch of nature, and don’t have the time or experience to develop their own decoration for their event.

Rental packages can include selection of plants for indoors and outdoors, installation, provision of pots, design consultations and more.

Plant Rentals With The Juicy Leaf

Those living in Los Angeles or surrounding areas can count on The Juicy Leaf to do temporary landscaping for their event or party and share their love for plants. We serve you in person at our store in LA, and you can also explore our website.

On the online store you can choose among several options of ready-made kits of succulent arrangements, terrariums, separate pieces to make your own arrangement and you can also contact us for plant consultations and renting plants that fit your needs. We also have candles, pots, sand, stones, shells, incense, essences, and other accessories to enhance your decoration and highlight the beauty of the little plants.

We help you plan, organize, and decorate your celebration on a retail basis, we do planting parties, and we also have delivery of succulents to various regions of the United States. Visit our website, follow us on social media, or schedule an appointment with The Juicy Leaf team for expert in-person service!

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