Our Story

All in the family

Family owned & operated

The Juicy Leaf is the realization of a life-long dream of creator Felix Navarro. Once entrenched in the corporate finance world. In 2006 Felix decided to break with a successful career and follow his true passion; creating beautiful sustainable succulent arrangements with his own two hands.Through hard work and the help of an amazing team, he has created a haven in the midst of the city. 

Inspired by nature

A place where anyone can visit, and instantly be transported to a lush green paradise filled with succulent arrangements, designer terrariums, manzanita sculpture, vintage furniture and fine art.

True to the spirit of Southern California

True to the spirit of Southern California, The Juicy Leaf fosters an atmosphere of creativity and originality. Each team member is encouraged to experiment with the original look of The Juicy Leaf and the result is a boutique store like no other. It’s a fresh and positive take on the modern retail model, allowing individuality and a genuine personal experience. We’re also happy to be featured on major news and magazine sources! Visit our store at 2614 Arthur St. Ste B, Los Angeles, CA, or follow the adventures of The Juicy Leaf on our Instagram Gallery. Welcome to the family!