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Plants For Mother's Day

One of the most beloved dates on the calendar – and ours too – Mother’s Day is celebrated with much love among friends and family. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard for some people to choose the best Mother’s Day gift for these amazing women.

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A Unique Gift For Mom

Because they are so special, they deserve something that is unique, something different. Our handmade succulent arrangements and terrariums are the perfect match. People who show up at the store looking for the ideal gift for Mother’s Day, carry the glow of unconditional love in their eyes – it’s lovely to see! That is why we love the occasion! 

Thinking of helping you, we have a variety of options for plant arrangements, terrariums, ceramics, and other unique handmade items. Nothing against red roses – we love them! – but how about surprising your mother, friend or wife this Mother’s Day with something different? 

Our Mother's Day Favorite Plants

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Ocean Love

Balanced succulent arrangement in a light blue pot

succulent terranium gift

Succulent Garden

Terrarium with succulents, geodes, and natural elements

succulent arrangement pot for mothers day

Lux Succulent Garden

Bright mix of succulents and colorful Moon Cacti

succulent arrangement for mothers day

Black Elegance

A balanced set of colorful succulents in textured pot

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Succulents, a timeless treat

If you already know a little bit of The Juicy Leaf’s history, you may remember that succulents are our passion. In fact, Felix Navarro, the creator of the boutique, learned to take care of these and other plants from his mother and grandmother. Just like roses, these lovely species cross time and history, and never go out of style.

Because they are charming and easy to care for, succulents are one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for literally every kind of mother. Whether a mother is young or not, super modern or classic, we have the arrangement or handmade terrarium that will match her style.

Big and striking

For those who want to give an exquisite Mother’s Day gift, the Valentine’s bowl is remarkable for its elegance. The charm lies in the rose quartz composing the arrangement of varied species of succulents.

Equally charming, this arrangement of cacti and succulents with 12 species brings more color to the environment, and will please the most modern moms.

Our Succulent Garden terrarium is a little smaller, but has a creative and irreverent design, ideal for decorating the living room or the hallway.

succulent and cacti bowl
succulent arrangement

Small and Minimalist

These arrangements look perfect next to other objects at home or at the office. They give a touch of green to the desk, the bedside table, and the sideboard in the living room with this fabulous plants for mother’s day. 

The classic trio in a white vase harmonizes with any context; the cool Ocean Love makes any environment more charming. For those who like something different but minimalist, the Zebra Train – an arrangement with zebra succulents – is perfect!

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Planting Gifts For Mother's Day

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts is one that brings an experience together, preferably something to be done with your hands. Mothers, wives, and grandmothers who like to get their hands in the dirt will love the Tropical & Succulent Plant Bundle. There are six different species in growers pots, ready to make up a custom arrangement, or a macrame hanger.

In addition to succulents, we have a variety of tropical plants in grower pots. They are great to be transplanted into indoor or outdoor gardens – depending on the species – or placed in a modern and beautiful vase.

Ginseng Ficus and Dracaena Marginata, for example, are discreet, beautiful, easy to care for, and go well indoors. The Watermelon Pepperomia, native to South America, requires specific care, but makes any space more cheerful and energized.

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Candles and Exclusive Ceramics

A low candlelight, a nice smell of nature in the air. Entering an environment like this brings a good feeling of coziness – and that’s what moms understand! For women who like to scent their homes for themselves or their guests, we recommend candles, incense, and diffusers.

Available in two sizes (3.5 or 7.2oz) The Juicy Leaf candles are hand-poured into apothecary-inspired amber jars with our exclusive kraft label and a brass cap. They are made with 100% natural soy wax, premium phthalate-free fragrance oil, cotton wick. This make them a unique addition to any mother’s day gift.

Here are some options to choose from without going wrong:

  • Ojai Lavender: to soothe the environment and create a spa-like atmosphere.
  • Patchouli: to energize the day and bring vitality.
  • Amber & Grass: to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere.
  • Sandalwood Rose: to send the anxiety away and make everything calmer and sweeter.
Candles with natural scents for mothers day

Just like candles and arrangements, ceramics harmonize with various decoration styles. They can be used as vases, accommodating charming succulents and ornamental plants, or simply as decorative objects.

The rectangularcake, and round pots are ideal for receiving plants and flowers. On the other hand, the Concrete Bowl can accommodate crystals, quartz, and energizing stones. The Geometric Sea and Female Power have a bold design, and look great with nothing on!

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Order Online + Delivery

The best Mother’s Day gifts bring the beauty and scent of nature, and carry the affection of “handmade”. Show your love and appreciation to her with something unique and authentic to make her life more enjoyable and energetic.

Our products are exclusive, and can be purchased here on the website, or at the physical store in California. We are the coolest plant store in Los Angeles – a true piece of nature in the midst of all the chaos of the city. We look forward to your visit! And we wish a very happy and green Mother’s Day to you and your family!

Mothers day present

Let her pick her favorite arrangement

Gift Cards for Mom

Can’t decide which plant to choose for your mom? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Give the gift of choice with a gift card.